The Story of Ferrari’s 250GTO/64

It was in December 2017 that I was first asked if I might be interested in producing a book on the Ferrari 250GTO/64s. I felt I owed it to the would-be client to put them off the very idea of a book on just these seven, albeit fabulous, cars alone …
To me, what a daft idea it seemed. There were only three GTO/64 cars built new, plus four more converted from 1962-63 ‘series 1’ 250GTOs. The entire group’s story has been told numerous times. There’s nothing new to find – nothing new to recount – it’s impossible to improve on what’s already known – we would surely be wasting our time … and the potential publisher’s money. If I told the client that once, I told him many times.
But still he persisted, and I had to admit there were two or three clearly unresolved mysteries within the GTO/64’s racing record. What had been long published – and long accepted – just didn’t stand up to investigation of the contemporary photo record.
Hmm – that was intriguing. So intriguing in fact that I began to think that pursuing the investigation might be interesting. Then I found myself digging deep into the true background of the GTO/64 … and further into the 250GTOs which preceded Ferrari’s concluding septet of 3-litre V12 front-engined Berlinettas.
The more I dug, the more I found, and once I got into the wonderful world of 1960s Italian and European hill-climbing – on often tremendously demanding and daunting mountain roads – the more absorbed and entranced I became.
From always saying ‘no, no, no’, one day I found myself instead thinking ‘yes, yes, yes’ and with such willing backing from this persistent client, plus the most fantastic co-operation, input and assistance not just from the factory, but from so many Ferraristi – old friends and new – in the UK, Europe and the USA alike, the years 2018-21 have sped by with ‘GTO/64 : The Story of Ferrari’s 250GTO/64’ as offered here the result.
It embodies a tremendous volume of work which has, I hope, enabled us to pay due homage to all those who invested an even greater volume of dedicated effort in creating, constructing, campaigning and conserving these wonderfully evocative examples of sublimely aesthetic automotive artistry, from 1963-64 to date …
I hope you will find the book as rewarding as it has been for our team to produce it. Absorption in the story is only a key stroke away. If you feel the Ferrari urge, just go for it. Enjoy!

Doug Nye

“WOW! It is a really fabulous effort. I completely agree with the approach – focusing on the events and their significance rather than breaking them up by chassis number. The overall effect is superb and gives these seven cars the attention they deserve and have never before received. Your approach also educates the reader so well about the period and the personalities involved, not only with these cars but with the entire sports/GT racing period itself.”
Peter Sachs

“Received today, GTO/64. What an absolute triumph of a book – I am so glad I ordered it. I have only had a little time pawing through its pages so far and I just know I am going to spend many a happy hour reading it! And if my copy number is anything to go by, there has been considerable interest as I have copy 209/1000. Congratulations to all involved, I would say it is taking the standard of publishing to the level of art.”
Autosport Nostalgia Forum

“Chaters had a review copy of GTO/64 at the Goodwood Revival. I’ve never bought a book for more than £150 before, but it took me one minute – maybe 90 seconds – to sign up for this one.

I think the debate about how many GTO books are needed is misplaced. The 1964 GTOs have such a huge mystique that I see this book as filling a large gap in the market, not duplicating it. The fact that someone of Doug’s stature is the author only adds to its appeal.”

“Got mine this morning. Very well packaged and a pleasure to look through. As a Brighton resident, I was fascinated to learn that one of the cars competed in the 1968 Speed Trials! Wonderful research.”

“In what appears to be the quickest post-Brexit shipment of a heavy book from the UK to Germany, my new copy arrived today – just two days after being shipped by Watermark. Excellent service in every respect. The book itself (Uber Edition) provides pure joy and shows great craftsmanship in the treatment of the leather livery. It’s a pleasure to take it in one’s hands alone.”

“Mine arrived this morning, very well packaged and in mint condition. A quick look through revealed an excellent well researched book well up to Mr Nye’s very high standards. The Standard version also has one of the best covers of any book I have owned. 100 per cent recommended.”


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